Ask the Well

One of my oldest and dearest friends has started a facebook group for “practical idealists” who “are just in the beginning stages of figuring out where you want to put your energy”. They “can come to ask questions, get help, collaborate, and share ideas”. This is very similar to how I view a public yoga class.

I started yoga in college with an early morning course twice a week. After the class I had an ongoing home practice for a couple of years. I still love my home practice but it does very different things for me than attending classes. I go to class for someone else’s insight and suggestion. I go to class to see others finding ways into their work that I hadn’t thought of or tried yet in my own body. My home practice is about many things. Some days it is about trying out those very same things and seeing if they work for me (ie noodling around) and some days my practice is just about allowing my body a place to settle.

The interplay of a solitary practice and group practice have really helped me to find effective and efficient ways to work in my body. If you are leaning heavily on one or the other of these types of practice, I believe you are missing an important part of a powerful equation.